all work no play

 socks and sandals socks and sandalssss.....
  twerking it....
 jp playing dead......
 decided to keep it really light with the jewelry.....
 i was really into mixing the harsh harnesses with the chiffon flowy dresses.....de-girlied it a bit...
 little tiny adorable doll face.....
 ode to the neverending story......
here's a little sneaky pete peek of the twelfth street resort lookbook i styled. i thiiiink it was my favorite shoot we've done yet. clothes in amazing prints that i want to put on my body immediately, harnesses, headpieces, ombre sunset backdrops, boatloads of jewelry, my bro zoey behind the lens, and one of my favorite models......yes yes and hells to the yes. next up for me is painting my bedroom wall this epic gradated color combo.....do you think this would be this most painstaking diy project ever? i'm pretty obsessed.
(shoddy fuzzy pixelated photos from my phone courtesy of me. except for the last one obviously. it was either that or nothing!)


pretty fly for a white guy

  looking for the bus face.

 haven't busted these out in a minute. got them from barney's and then suddenly a month later they were knocked off by every tom dick and harry. i was bitter cause everyone else got them for a fraction of the price so i banished them to my closet to hibernate. that was a couple years ago. i've gotten over it.
 medieval times handpiece of awesomeness, i luv you amanda.
your eyes do not deceive you---no. shorts. i'm wearing jeans. white jeans nonetheless. white jeans that look like they went for a wild ride in the garbage disposal. and most shocking of all, white after labor day. and, yes. i just referenced the offspring in my post title. not cause i think i'm pretty fly, i needed a title with white involved. the only other thing i could think of was white on rice. which i will surely use one day soon. and please tell me you remember that song....uh huh, uh huh! i am sorry i haven't posted in 150 years---i have been working on the railroad all the damn livelong day. yesterday i styled a lookbook for my new favorite people, the girls from love and lemons. posted a couple pictures here. can't wait to show you the rest. and everything else i've been up to. by the time i get to show you it's been so long you will have forgotten and i just look like a full time blog slacker. so the least i can give you is some behind the scenes action! next. post.
jeans/siwy, tank/patterson kincaid, jacket/kite&butterfly, bag/chloe, necklace/spell, pics/zoey grossman


welcome to the jungle

an insanely giant bag to go with my insanely giant top. it's from this french line, gardem, that i don't think exists anymore. which is a damn shame cause they made a mean body bag.
just in case you guys were wondering this was my second and last wear of these torturous clodhoppers---the heel broke off. heel. broke. off. are you kidding me? my feet are stoked though.
just wore these? yeah i know. do i care? nahhh.
just a casual stroll in the park outfit.....i am so in love with this top it's the most mammothly huge awesome thing----and it's an xs. that's right, the biggest extra small ever to exist in the world. i haven't worn such a size since my i love tight tween years. i always buy medium or large. big and droopy = cute to me. real cute. i bet you can't handle me inundating you with these deep thoughts right now. hmmmm let me try to get deep.....nope. ok so back to the top, when i pulled it out of my closet to wear b.f. burst into laughter. said just the sheer size of it was hysterical to him. didn't get it. nor should he. this thing is intense. unleash the beast. speaking of, unleash your inner beast cause hello, it's friday. t.g.i.f. dudes.
top: c/o evil twin (angela you're awesome), shorts: glued to my body, boots: chloe s. x opening ceremony, photos: zoey grossman


how low can you go

society for rational dress makes the best t-shirts. they always add a cool accoutrement and never shy away from a side boob. my kind of people.
my homeslice amanda bestowed a mystical bounty of luv aj goodness upon me. i have not been able to take it off. i don't even care i wear it all at once.

i could probably wear some version of this outfit all day every day. but then you would get bored and probably stop looking my blog. oh wait, i sorta do wear this outfit every day. well, if you're still reading it clearly doesn't bother you. awesome. i'm a little bit fried egg brain. writers. block. fried. just finished (like tonight) styling the twelfth street resort 12 lookbook. if you follow me on twitter, 1. this is old ass news to you, and 2. you got a sneak peek. one of my favorite lookbooks yet. serengeti desert moroccan princess with a little neverending story thrown in. if that doesn't get you excited i don't know what does! sarcasm doesn't quite translate over text....does it....
tank/society for rational dress, mesh tank/rodan vs. griffith, shorts/one teaspoon, bag/topshop