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this is currently the third time i have posted this lookbook, the damn thing keeps dissapearing! has this ever happened to anyone? what a nightmare! i have to keep typing a blurb over and over again, resizing the images, wah wah wah! ok anyway if you've seen this, i am about to post an outfit post so just hold your little horses. if you haven't, well then here you go! this lookbook was shot foreverrrrr ago for 291 venice. it was literally 1,000 degrees and poor natasha was probably hating me putting her in beanies, tights, sweats, jeans, and oof-------leather leggings. you haven't lived until you've put leather leggings on in 90+ degree weather. bru-tal. also brutal? that it's still 90 degrees outside in october. dear fall, i have lots of jackets that i want to wear. can you please at least get to 72? k thanks, love ashley.
photos//zoey grossman, model//natasha remarchuk, makeup//samuel paul, hair//ramsell, all jewelry//luv aj xx


  1. Amazing lookbook!! Love Love Love!!

  2. Great inspiration! Tell me about the weather i have a boutiqueand people are scare to even try wool jumpers.! http://myfashionbreak.blogspot.com.es/
    Hi from Spain.

  3. where is the 72 shirt from? need it!