buried in bougainvillea

ok so real talk: i can't fit into these jeans post thanksgiving. oops. i mean they really only fit after a long bout of illness but i love em' so damn much every time i recover from strep throat, the flu, or a month long case of mono----you better believe i am reaching for these babies the first time i step back into the world! i am SO happy its been cold(er) the last few weeks so i can wear all my 9872420 faux fur coats. nothing makes me happier! and this one is the perfect shade of burgundy and a mix of very rare muppet and fraggle rock furs. hells yes to the holidays my friends! wrapping up this week of work and so damn pumped to take some time off to hang with my family and dawgs. hope you guys have an amazingggg holiday whether you were naughty or nice! xx
coat//three floor, jeans//nasty gal, lace tank//zara, sunglasses//wildfox, photos//zoey grossman


  1. Love the jacket!!


  2. this sweater that goes from the wool to fur...and the colour...


  3. Your jeans are life and so are your infinite amount of faux furs. LOVE!

    Neon Fox

  4. Your outfits always look so effortless cool!

    xx Cheyenne

  5. lovely outfit combo! jeans are the best!