ain't laurent

don't get me wrong i love me some saint laurent! but likeeee i'm not to the financial point where i can buy all of their clothes. or any really. i mean shoes, bags, accessories in general…..hells yes i will charge that shit but i can't fuck with a 2000 dress! hopefully in the near future though when i'm ballinnnnnn! i am FINALLY busting these boots out after they had been lurking in my closet for a number of months….they sat in the box while i contemplated: do i really need these? holy fuck they are expensive! that's like a whole months rent! ok but they are a classic. ok well like 2 months have passed so i don't think i'm going to return them at this point. ok i'm keeping them. ok i'm finally gonna wear them cause they're not doing me any good collecting dust in the corner! and i love the shit outta them. they are perfect soft suede, 70's stacked heel, round toe…….the boots my dreams are made of! i am a strong believer in the high low when it comes to outfits----so yeah i'm still paying off my boots but my top was like $75 bucks. i compare it to me loving the shit out of a nice restaurant but also getting down and dirty at jack in the box. speaking of, holy shit i'm hungry it's lunchtime gotta go! xx
dress//reformation, coat & blouse//zara, earrings//vanessa mooney, bag//vintage, boots//givenchy. photos//zoey grossman


  1. Usually I hate high boots...but you always manage to turn hippy, gipsy, indian and never vulgar.


  2. Love everything about this look, especially the boots!

  3. Those boots were a great investment, because they look amazing and worth the money. And I can't get enough of your 70's vibes. Love it!

    Neon Fox

  4. you needed these boots and glad you made the right decision in keeping them. love your leopard and that vintage bag of yours. tgif!

  5. Your accessories including boots and purse are awesome. Nice choice!!

  6. Love these boots...you totally rock 'em.


  7. I love those thigh high boots! Definitely a quality investment.


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  9. really like your dress.
    thank you for your share.

  10. Love this dress would look nice with Womens Boots