way out west hollywood

its been SO hot all week in la i can barely get away with wearing a jacket right now…..except with my denim underwear and by midday the jacket is a goner…...its bumming me out!! i'm not ready for summer----mainly cause i'm not done shoving my face with everything delicious and fried and bad for me….and summer means less clothes and more skin showing so i gotta get it together and hit soulcyle/pilates up with a vengeance! ok enough about me pigging out lets talk clothes cause thats what this is about right? this jacket is badass and i had nothing like it in my closet----soft and buttery and studded, what more could you ask for? i'm so happy it came into my life cause it was like the final puzzle piece in the rainbow of my moto jacket collection…..and yes i will share so come on over! xx
jacket, denim shirt, sweatshirt//diesel, photos//zoey grossman


  1. This is just adorable! But honestly you are the absolute raddest thing ever.

    Ripped Jeans

  2. The jacket brings compliments the color in your hair! You always do western/boho perfectly!


  3. Love this! That jacket is awesome!

  4. Best Style award goes to you! Love Love Love!!

    - jasmine

  5. Girl crush forever n ever n ever n ever.

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