i think i smell a rat

oh wait, it's just stella (my sisters dog) who i've been watching for the last verrry long week. she's cute i get it, but this little lady is a needy one. don't be fooled by her adorable tiny face. just nabbed this backless delight from one of my favorite sites, <3 spanish moss <3 stylestalker, i'm currently coveting everything you are putting out there. and you don't cost my left are and my right leg. i'm dying to get my hands on those corsety catwoman black leggings.....meow
top: stylestalker, pockets (oh, i mean shorts): rvca, boots: opening ceremony, garter: litter sf


  1. thank you for commenting on my blog <3 and i love the way you can just wear bras with the straps showing underneath sheer tops..:/ i could never do that :( i love the boots tho.. instant lovee <3

  2. stylestalker is a great one!!
    I know a girl interning at their office, they are just amazing!
    where'd you get that bra from, it's great and I need one haha.
    gorgeous leg chain too xxx

  3. I really like your style.

  4. i looooove that chain on your leg.. so unexpected and so chic!!


  5. I have those corsety catwoman leggings!! but then again that shouldn't suprise you!

    I'm trying to find some good triangle bras like that. Where the heck sells them in bulk packs a la Hanes? Would be nice wouldn't it?

    : )

    Karen x

  6. ohhhhhh karen, of course you do! the parallels are endless!! haha need those bulk stringy bras in bulk---another void in the marketplace! (along with the enigmatic thigh high boots) x

    stacy: my bra is by a lingerie company called araks, her stuff is really minimal and amazing you will love it!

  7. amazing outfit! love the boots and top! ad your dog is adorable!:)
    You have a great blog by the way! I am so happy i ran into it! It's a great read! Your posts are great and your style is amazing!
    Im gonna follow you on bloglovin!
    Hope you visit me back and become a follower:)
    That would be amazing!


    have a fabulous day!

  8. loving your style, esp this leg candy. is it from chains of love?



  9. I love the look of a beautiful bra under a dress like that. Not to mention the accessories on your leg.

    I love to post lots of your stuff on my site. Very inspirational.


  10. Ah! Look at you looking so cute and SLIM. Lucky beeyotch! I've been hiding out underneath tons of layering due to all the holiday eating (sad face). So goood but sooooo bad...

    Btw, where did you get those leggings??! Love them.


  11. socal citizens: hahaha!! and believe me, why do you think my tops so big? holiday eating (and all the eggnog) is my favorite! thank god i have so many giant tops to cover my xmas food baby! the over the knee socks are from urban... think they are the mesh top sock! xx

    miyan: the leg chain is litter sf---but now im gonna check out chains of love! thanks for the tip!

    a <3

  12. LOVE the shirt!


  13. Hi!! I love your blog, you are such an inspiration!! I was wondering if your leg chain garter is the same as this one?


  14. hi anonymous!!

    thank you!!! sooooooo flattered!!! and yes! you found it ;) it's amazing. you will love it.

    ashley <3

  15. Hey my lady lover! The back on this is insanity!!! Hope you had a seeennsational chrissie day!! It's been Pi!##$sing down rain here, arrgghhh!! My camera broke, there's no surf and my car stereo is doing weird shit, I'm over it baby!! Hope you scored some lovely pressies, I got a mask.... i know, i don't get it either, do you think my brother thinks i'm that weird now that I'm going to start wearing masks down the street,... don't tempt me!! Keen for an Ash, Sari and Mandy surfing adventure to get me out of this rainy campground! xxx

  16. i love what you said!! you can "dork out" anytime--please do. I'm beyond flattered when it comes from {super duper stunningly gorgeous} you! And yes, next time I'm down the street from your house, I promise to let you know so we can have a medicinal party :)
    xoxo K.

  17. Wow LOVE it! Check this out :)