knotty tree/ditzy floral

dress: 3.1 phillip lim, boots: steve madden, bag: gucci, sunglasses: persol, necklace: elizabeth & james
found an amazing tree that fantastic mr. fox totally could've lived in--threw in a happy pic so that i don't seem so miserable! cause im totally not! wearing my favorite floral dress, an old phillip lim number---which i had shortened---and i mean shortened--this thing could've been worn by that duggar woman with the 19 kids!

 rings from top to bottom: bvlgari, iosselliani, coral and turquoise rings: gara danielle, vintage, cuff: campise
 my favorite collection from gucci ever----wish i could've purchased every single one! au contraire, i think i might still be paying this one off! but it was worth every penny. i only take it out for a couple of weeks at a time...im worried its gonna start unraveling or something horrible....then it hides in its little bag in my closet.

 my photographer for the day/friend forever genesee, looking adorable in a patterson kincaid top that i should've bought. so jealous. also jealous of her long skinny sticks she calls her legs. bitch. why not me?


  1. i want those boots...are they these? http://www.stevemadden.com/Item.aspx?id=52223&np=127_282-129_396-597_609

  2. no....they are from last year...but the link you sent me are pretty much the exact same! you should get them! they rule.

  3. This look is so gorgeous! Sadly Phillip Lim is out of my price range :-( Will be scouring online and Beginning Boutique for the next best thing.

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