burnt out

i love all things burnout velvet....dresses, bed jackets, shorts, bras, underwear---i actually don't have those but if someone made them i would wear them as pants.
jacket: blu moon, tank: elizabeth & james, boots: joie, this post: hayley <3


  1. Love this outfit! you look amazing! x

  2. So cute babe I love your blog! keep up the good work
    i love planet blue as well

    Check out my blog I really think you'd like it!
    Very vintage hippie meets modern fashionista.

    if you want send me a message and we can put links to eachothers pages. :)

    xoxo much love from west hollywood ca
    shea marie

  3. Stunning pics! I loved that boots . Your blog motivates me each time when I read it. I adore perusing online journals. I don't energize dependably by perusing blog entries. In any case, in your blog I discover something that infers in blogging. Anyway, you're irrefutably an extraordinary blogger and you have an ability to make your per user to continue perusing your blog over and over. Keep up the radiant work.